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Big Hero 6 Review

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Movie Information

"Big Hero 6" is an action-packed comedy-adventure about robtics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who learns to harness his genius, thanks to his brother Tadashi and thier like-minded friends; adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, Chemistry whiz Honey Lemon, and comic boy Fred. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous plot unfolding in the streets of San Fransokyo, Hiro turns to his closest companion-a robot named Baymax-and transforms the group into a band of high-tech heroes


Movie Review

Big Hero 6 is movie full of excitment, comedy, action, and superheros and villans. The movie has a good plot with great voice actors to support it. The robot Baymax offers a compassionate voice to those who are suffuring which makes the movie more touching. I give the movie 8/10