I like sports

My Favorite Sports

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#1 BasketBall

Basketball is my favorite sport. I've been playing this sport for a long time, ever since I was little. I usually play in the high post or low post, but I can be a point guard if I tried. Basketball is a good type of aerobic exercise. It's fun to play when you're with your team or friends. Out of all the sports I play, basketball is the one I'm the most active in.

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#2 Golf

Golf is my second favortite sport. Like basketball, I've been playing golf since I was little. I don't really play that much anymore, but I still enjoy it. Golf requires a lot of patience, positioning, focus, and knowledge. You have to know what way the winds going, the course, and what club you are using. To me, its a sport where I can relax and it doesn't matter if I do bad (since I don't play competitive).

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#3 Bowling

Bowling is my third favorite sport. Bowling was one of the first sports I got interested into, but after sometime, I didn't really have a passion for it. Bowling doesn't really take much. All you need to know is the correct form of throwing the bowling ball and know how to bowl straight. The concept of bowling seem so simple to me, but then I realized when you get older, you don't need bumpers. I still bowl recreationally, but I'm not as serious when I play