My Favorite Pet(s)

1. The goldfish

The goldfish is my favorite pet to have. You dont really need much to take care of one. All you need is a tank with fake habitat decorations, fish food, a water filter, and last of all the fish. The only thing you need to do when taking care of a goldfish is feed it and clean the tank. Getting the goldfish isn't that hard. You can just go to the pet store to buy one or win it as a prize from a carnival. You can watch the fish swim around in its tank for hours and hours.

2. The Dog

The dog would be my second favorite pet to have if I had one. To me, it seems better to have a dog rather than having a cat or bird. The thought knowing that your pet will come greet you with a bark makes me satisfied for some reason. You can play, exercise, and do many more things with a dog.I know it takes a lot of work to take care of a dog, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I also know that sometimes it might be annoying when living with a dog(EX: trouble during night, etc.). I think it's kind of meh, but man's best friend is man's best friend.