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Hello World!

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RIP Webiste

This is my first website and first paragraph. I like solving Rubik's cube. They have 6 sides, each with a specific color, containing 4 corner pieces. 4 edge pieces, and a center piece. The Rubik's cube is 3x3x3 dimensions. Some people think that there can't be 2 colors on the same face, but thats not true. The centers don't move, so its impossible to only have 1 color on 1 side. I speed-solve the cube. My Personal best is 9.73 seconds.

Somthing else

This is my second paragraph on this website.The ocean is wet. The ocean is full of sea creatures. The ocean covers over 70% of the world. The ocean is blue. The background of the page is blue. Background has 10 letters. Letters has 7 letters. 10 minus 7 equal 3. There are 3 sides on a triangle. There are 3 letters in eye. The illuminati's sign is a triangle with an eye in it. The ocean equals the illuminati confirmed!!!!!